HILA President Letter August 2022

Hawaii Island Landscape Association 

PO Box 1594 Kailua-Kona HI 96745 

Phone: (808) 322-4884  

August 24rd, 2022

Aloha HILA Green Industry Members!

The Hawaii Island Landscape Association (HILA) would like to invite you as part of the green industry ohana to join us again in this new year by renewing your annual membership and involving yourself with our numerous training platforms. Your annual membership with HILA will provide the support needed to continue to develop new and exciting opportunities locally and further creating resources we offer to help each of you grow as a professional in the industry.

HILA has pushed every step of the way to push to continue to provide education and training during the COVID pandemic. Last year HILA was able to have (2) hands-on training courses which consisted of Principles of Horticulture & Botany and Equipment Operations & Maintenance and also supported webinars offered thru the Landscape Industry Counsel of Hawaii, Aloha Arborist association and other associations regionally or nationally. The board continued in developing the NEW Tropical Landscape Certificate TLC) program which is another alternative to the prior offered Landscape Industry Certified Technician (LICT) program. This program is being created to educate and provide a certificate showing competence in Hawaii’s green industry. Although the National Association of Landscape Professionals continues to offer an online test for the LICT, board members from HILA and other islands determined that a 12-week educational series with a hands-on test is important to provide our green industry’s entry level and mid-level staff training and validation of horticultural practices.

Since the start of 2022, HILA’s board has been working in developing this curriculum with not just professionals on Hawai’i Island but also professionals from all the major islands’ landscape associations such as Landscape Industry Counsel of Hawaii, Kauai Island Landscape Counsel and Maui Association of Landscape Professionals. Collectively this committee of professionals is working as the Continuing Education Training & Development Committee. The training is called “Tropical Landscape Certificate (TLC)” program and will be offered on each island upon completion. Stay tuned for further developments as we intend on releasing this training in the summer to fall of 2023.

Since the start of 2022, HILA has also been busy continuing to offer the Hands-On Training program which provides hands-on experience on varying topics that help each of us learn our trade better.  HILA’s hands-on course series consists of the following topics in an average 4 hours course that is influenced heavily to provide hands-on interaction with the course’s instructor(s) and the attendees. The course outline is available on our website at www.hilahawaii.com/training/ and enrollment information can be found here.

We have already had one successful course which was on Chainsaw Maintenance which took a detailed look on how to maintain chainsaws properly and had record attendence. HILA is anticipating three more hands-on courses for this year and early next year focused on fundamentals and the changing environment of the green industry on battery operated tools, water conservation and sustainable planning.

These courses along online webinars, the NALP Boot Camp program and other association’s training programs are offered to provide professionals the opportunity to receive Continuing Education Units (also known as “CEUs”).

HILA is very excited to announce that we’ll be hosting our postponed annual conference this year on October 28th, 2022 at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. We plan on hosting a great single-track conference with many reputable speakers including guest speaker Matthew Ritter who will be guiding us on a journey about identifying native/endemic flora and fauna. The conference will also allow each of our members to network during the morning trade show with local sponsors and over lunch while enjoying good food with friends. The goal, although ambitious, is we hope to have our green industry members join us to exceed our last conference’s attendance of 140 attendees! Please note the annual conference will be worth CEUs for LICT certificates and ISA Arborist CEUs are pending request. Please review HILA’s website for confirmation of which courses for the pending CEUs. Our conference is open to green industry professionals, property managers, association managers, private homeowners and plant enthusiasts so please join us on this special day! The following day on Saturday, October 29th HILA will be holding a nursery walk where we will visit three nurseries and see how local nursery operations grow the beautiful flora and fauna professionals install and maintain. Come on down and join us! Enroll at www.hilahawaii.com/annual-conference/.

HILA again offered our annual scholarship awards which we provide to local students every year. We are pleased to announce we awarded (2) $1,000.00 scholarships to Cyrus Ching from Kealakehe High School and Matthew Labasan from Waiakea High School. Congratulations to both of you, this was well earned! For our members, please share this scholarship opportunity with any new up and coming green industry applicants who are graduating high school next year or currently enrolled college for the next upcoming year. This scholarship is available for any individuals studying environmental studies such as tropical horticulture or botany, landscape architecture or other environment-related field. Please visit www.hilahawaii.com/scholarships/ for more information.

As a friendly reminder, HILA’s membership period has now changed as of 2020 from following the calendar year starting January 1st and ending December 31st to now being based upon your enrollment date (ie, you become a member on May 20th then your membership will need to be renewed on May 19th of the following year). Enrollment is easier than ever and HILA’s website helps keep track and sends membership reminders so you don’t have to worry about remembering. Its fast and its easy! Please visit www.hilahawaii.com/membership/ and click on the “Join Online” or you may download your membership form and mail it in to our mailing address.

With that, I would like to extend a big mahalo to each of you and we at HILA look forward to having you more involved, seeing each of you more at our training opportunities and having your support as we continue to grow!

Mahalo nui loa,

Christian Renz 

HILA President