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HILA, in collaboration with the University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service, offers numerous opportunities for our members, individuals who are looking to obtain Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and the general public; to learn thru syllabus-driven coursework and/or hands-on instruction by industry professionals.  Please see the options below that can help expand your expertise and knowledge.

HILA Members receive a discount on class prices.  Click here for online enrollment for HILA’s annual membership processed thru STRIPE. Click here for the mail registration

1. Landscape Maintenance Training Program (LMT) for Commercial Landscapers, those preparing for the Landscape Industry Certified Technician Exam. and Gardeners
(ETF will be available for this class)

An annual 10-week Landscape Maintenance Training (LMT) program. This popular series is geared for landscape maintenance gardeners new to the field, those already in the field but desiring more technical knowledge, as well as experienced landscapers preparing for the Landscape Industry Certified Technician (LICT) Testing Program.

The LMT, a broad-based training, provides a good foundation for all landscape gardeners, including home gardeners.  Topics included in the three-hour workshops are Basic Botany, Tropical Plant ID and Selection (over 100 species), Plant & Soil Health, Turf Care, Irrigation Basics, Pesticide Safety and more.  The Landscape Training Manual for Maintenance Technicians will be included in the class fees and provided for every student.

Due to COVID-19, classes have been postponed for the 2020 calendar year and will resume in 2021.  
2021 LMT Class Registration Form: click here (not yet available)
2021 LMT Class Informational Flyer: click here (not yet available)

2. Irrigation School 2020 (ETF may be available for this class)

The Irrigation School in Kona in 2020 has been postponed but will be available as a webinar (see below). Taught by Lynnett Tohara, Diamond Sprinklers and Farm Supply. The two day class offers a short course in Irrigation Design and Troubleshooting. This course will be very useful in preparing for the Landscape Industry Certified Technician-Irrigation test which will be offered this year in Kona and will give students a well rounded understanding of Irrigation design, hydraulics, electrical troubleshooting and more. The PLANET Landscape Training Manual for Irrigation Technicians is provided for all attendees of the Irrigation School. Employment Training Funds are also available for the Irrigation School. Remember to get ETF Approval before registering; both ETF and non-ETF registration forms are available below.
The Irrigation School will be available in August as a Webinar. ETF 50% discount will apply. Notices will be sent out soon. This is a two-day session, which covers irrigation topics in much greater detail and is intended for the more experienced landscape irrigation professional.

3. Continuing Education Hands-On Course Series / Offered by the Hawaii Island Landscape Association

HILA is pleased to announce the first year of the hands-on continuing education series which will be 3 hour courses.  This training is meant to provide a more hands-on approach and validation on the 3 selected course topics: Principles of Pruning, Basic Botany & Horticultural Principles and Equipment & Operation Maintenance.  Each course will be held at a different location as outlined in the Education Flyer and Enrollment Forms.  Please note that this course requires you to bring certain Tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

For class information, dates and other information, click link below:
2020 Continuing Education Hands-On Registration Form: Click here
2020 Continuing Education Hands-On Information Flyer: Click here
The first course has been postponed but is planned to occur in 2020.  Second and third courses are still scheduled.  Please check back for details.

4. Continuing Education Webinar Micro-Series / Offered by the Hawaii Island Landscape Association

HILA is pleased to announce the first year for an introductory webinar series which each will be an 1.5 hour course.  This training is meant to provide a method of learning which promotes social distancing and newly-developed interactive online education.

Class schedules and course syllabus are being developed.  Please check back for details.

Self Study

NALP (The National Association of Landscape Professionals, (formerly PLANET) offers three excellent Training Manuals, one each for Maintenance, Irrigation or Installation. To download a Training Manual Order Form:  click here.  Follow the instructions on the form to order your Training Manual(s). You can also go to the LICH web site and submit your Order Form on line: click here.

ETF Funds are Available in  2020! 

Who Qualifies:
1) Employers / Companies with a Federal ID# who want to register employees for an LICH Training Class or LICT Certification Exam.
2) Single person companies with a GE License
How to Qualify
Companies must fill out and sign an Employer Referral Agreement (click here) and send to two weeks before the class or test to which they are sending employees. The LICT State Administrator will then submit it to the Department of Labor. After getting notice that you qualify for ETF Funding, THEN send in the class registration or NALP Test Registration Form. Your class or test registration fee will be at half price.

For more information and to register for any of these courses or workshops contact Ty at or 322-4884.
For more information about the NALP / LICT Test, contact
Garrett Webb at 808 960-3650 or send an email to 

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