To see a list of all the Big Island landscapers who have been certified since the first test in 1999; 2022 Big Island LICT List!!!

Landscape Industry Certified  Program

Together with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), LICH offers two types of certification:

The Landscape Industry Certified Technician — Exterior

LICT Test 2022
For Information about how to register for the 2022 Computer given LICT-Exterior Test, go to the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii web site. There you will find find:

The Landscape Industry Certified Manager (formerly CLP)

This designation is awarded those landscape business owners and professionals who pass a four-hour written exam that covers all aspects of working in the landscape industry. The exam is divided into five sections: Business; Risk, Law and Contracts; Human Resources and Health / Safety; Interior or Exterior Production / Operation and Horticulture; and Sales, Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations.

For information about the LIC-Manager Test and how to register, go to the NALP web site; click here