About Us

Mission Statement

To advance the professionalism of Hawai’i Island’s landscape industry through advocacy, communication, education and fellowship

1) The encouragement and support of research and development contributing to the improvement of landscape practices;
2) Gathering, analyzing and disseminating information of general interest to the public and landscaping community;
3) Providing information and research to assist governmental agencies in developing their policies and legislation in areas involving landscaping, beautification, and related matters;
4) Stimulating general interest in tree planting, landscape gardening, and beautification of public and private grounds for the benefit of the state and communities;
5) Engaging in any lawful activities which will enhance the efficient progress towards goals of the landscape industry as a whole, and acquainting the general public with the scope and character of such goals and activities;
6) Making research and information obtained by the association available for the use and benefit of members of the public and landscape industry.

HILA Historical Landmarks

  • In 1987, the Landscape Industry Council (LICH) was formed. HILA became an association member shortly afterwards. To find out more about LICH or to become a member, click here.
  • In 1997 HILA proposed Landscaping Requirements to the Hawaii County Planning Department which were adopted by the Planning Department, Rule 8, requiring minimum landscaping for industrial or commercial landscapes in Hawaii County
  • In 1999 HILA received a grant from the Department of Labor Employment Training Fund for $180,000 to bring the Certified Landscape Technician Program (CLT), now the Landscape Industry Certified Technician (LICT) Program, to Hawaii. The LICT certification is an International certification presently administered by the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET). At that time, LICH had been essentially inactive for approximately four years, but the need for a state-wide association to administer certification in Hawaii resulted in the renaissance of LICH. The education program developed to prepare landscapers for certification has become a state-wide program. Hawaii has over 400 LICTs (Landscape Industry Certified Technicians). To find out more about becoming certified, click here