May 04

NALP Puts an End to the Hands-On LICT Certification test!


This year the only Field Test will be held in Kona on September 8, 2018

NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) has announced that as of April 30, 2019, no organization may offer its hands-on Landscape Industry Certified Exterior exam. The hands-on LICT test will be ‘absorbed’ into a brand new written-only test that will be taken on a computer. The new test will be developed by Buck Chaffee, a testing expert/psychometrician. Any test candidate that has not completed his or her certification by April 30, 2019, will need to complete the new written-only test to become certified through NALP. As of May, 2018, I have not heard from or about any other State or Canadian Province that is in favor of this new test.

The Certification Committee in Hawaii is strongly in favor of maintaining a meaningful landscape certification program and test that includes a hands-on component. NALP has informed us that “The hands -on portion of the exam will end on April 30, 2019. Per the licensee agreement, no part of the current Landscape Industry Certified Exam may be replicated in any way for any new exam or program.” That means that Hawaii needs to start from ground zero and develop a test that does not replicate the current LICT/NALP test.

LICH is strongly committed to training and certifying Hawaii landscapers and maintaining our strong relationship with agencies like the Hawaii State Department of Transportation and others who require certified landscapers for contract bids. The time and effort needed to develop a new certification program requires that we suspend most of our tests this year. The only Field Test will be held in Kona on September 8, 2018 at the HCC-Palamanui campus, offering tests for Ornamental Maintenance, Irrigation and Softscape Installation (no Turf Maintenance Field Test will be available). Re-take tests and Written tests will be given on all Islands. Landscapers in the process of getting certified are strongly encouraged to take their re-takes. People who are NALP Certified by 2019 will be guaranteed certification under the new Hawaii Certification Program.