Get Certified, Be Outstanding in Your Field – How to Become a Landscape Industry Certified Technician

NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals), formerly, PLANET, certification is an international hands-on testing program administered in Hawaii by the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii (LICH). The certification of landscapers raises the standards of the profession by recognizing proficiency in the landscape workforce, upgrading the status of individual landscaper professionals and providing employers and the public with a means of identifying qualified landscape professionals. NALP certification is now recognized in 28 states and Canadian provinces.

To see a list of all the Big Island landscapers who have been certified since the first test in 1999, click here

LICH offers four certifications for exterior landscapers

The landscape ornamental maintenance, turf maintenance, softscape installation and irrigation certification tests are administered by the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii Foundation (LICH-F) under a licensing agreement with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), formerly PLANET. Landscape certification is awarded to those applicants who receive 70% or higher on all of the field problems and written exams.

In 2019, The Kona Test will offer certification tests for Ornamental Maintenance and Softscape Installation and Irrigation

Test Dates:
June 13, 2019 / Written Test
June 15, 2019 / Field Test

2019 Kona LICT Test Registration Form, click here

ETF Funds  2019 not available this year for LMT or Kona LICT Test!

IF Employment Training Funds are available in 2019 the following information will apply
Who Qualifies:
1) Employers / Companies with a Federal ID# who want to register employees for an LICH Training Class or LICT Certification Exam.
2) Single person companies with a GE License
To qualify for ETF funding for a LICT Certification Test, you must take at least one LICH-LICT related class.

How to Qualify
Companies must fill out and sign an Employer Referral Agreement (click here) and submit it to the Department of labor by mail, fax or email two weeks before the class of test to which they are sending employees.
After getting notice that you qualify for ETF Funding, THEN send in the test registration form clearly marked ETF Registration (see below). Your test registration fee will be at half price.

Major changes in the LICT Certification Program!
NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) has announced that the LICT-Exterior Test will end as of December 31, 2019 and be replaced by a written-only exam. To understand more about what this means to the Hawaii Certification Program, read the post on the Home Page:
2019 Report / NALP and the Future of the LICT

Ornamental Maintenance
Written Tests:
Common Core 60 minutes; Horticultural Principles 45 minutes; Ornamental Maintenance Calculations 30 minutes; Irrigation Components and Principles 30 minutes.

Field Tests:
Plant ID, Basic Controller; Lateral Repair and Head Adjustment; Tree Planting and Staking; Pruning; Chainsaw; Blower.


Turf Maintenance
Written Tests:
Common Core 60 minutes; Turf Principles 30 minutes; Turf Calculations 30 minutes; ; Irrigation Components and Principles 30 minutes.

Field Tests:
Basic  Controller; Lateral Repair and Head Adjustment; Turf Fertilizer; 21” Mower; Intermediate Walk-Behind Mower; Riding Mower Edger/Trimmer; Aerator; Blower.



Written Tests:
Common Core 60 min; Advanced Irrigation Components & Principles 45 min; Irrigation Plan Reading 30 min; Basic Horticultural Principles 15 min.

Field Tests:
Advanced Controller; Lateral Repair & Head Adjustment; Lateral Instal; Mainline Install; Valve Repair; Valve Wiring; Trencher.


Softscape Installation
Written Tests
Common Core 60 min; Plan Reading 45 min; Softscape Horticultural Principles 30 min; Irrigation Components
15 min

Field Tests
Plant ID, Basic program Controller; Lateral Repair and Head Adjustment; Tree Planting and Staking; Sod Installation; Plant Layout; Rototiller

Note: If you are already certified in Ornamental Maintenance, you can achieve certification in Softscape Installation by taking only two Written  tests (Plan Reading and Softscape Horticultural Principles) and three Field tests (Sod Installation, Plant Layout and Rototiller)!


Test Fees / $300 LICH Member / $375 LICH Non-Member for first certification test and $150 for an additional certification
Candidates can only test for one certification per test day but LICH offers tests each year on Hawaii, Maui and Oahu

  • For existing Landscape Certified Technicians to add another certification the cost is $150 per test.
  • The Certified Landscape Technician Program is not a state regulation or requirement.

Certification is not a substitute for a state landscape contractors license. The goals, subject matter and procedures of the national certification test are different from state licensing exams. Certification is not a substitute for any state issued pesticide licenses.

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